1421 S Dearborn St Property

1421 S Dearborn St, Seattle, WA 98144
Broker: Devin Haskell
Close of Sale: 10/23/2023
Price: $3,200,000
Devin had the opportunity to represent the seller of a 20,700 SF industrial warehouse located just minutes away from the intersection of I-5 and I-90. He successfully introduced the property to the market and finalized the deal in under four months. Devin streamlined the transactional process without overlooking the value of the property. The deal closed on October 20th, 2023, for a sale price of $3,200,000.  
Key Components 
 – 20,700 Total Building SF


Devin, Please let me thank you personally and for helping my mom and me on Estate Warehouse sale. The first day I met you I knew we had the right guy. You had a total pulse on the marketplace, and you were prompt on a current market analysis.  You clearly were able to identify the types of buyers that most likely would come forward. Having the neighboring warehouse under contract was a huge advantage for us as you knew many or the suitors who were circling from that sale. There were some areas that I did not expect your help in that were very appreciated. The warehouse had nearly 100 years of debris and various collections hoarded over the years. You came to me and organized a team who worked hard for over a week helping get the debris removed. Then came the eviction and auction you were there once again opening the warehouse for people to get in.  This was beyond the call of duty. The marketing was strong and it reached the right buyers. What was probably most exciting was having multiple offers right away. This created a sense of urgency and clearly drove the price to above market values. You never pushed us one way or another but consulted to see what was best for the estate. The end result was securing a qualified buyer but of all things with little experience on the basics of property ownership. You stuck with us getting the proper insurance and payment procedures in place to secure a sound transaction. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated and if you ever need a referral do not hesitate to use my name. Thank you so very much for all the hard work.