ReNu Medical, Inc.

80th St, Everett, WA
Broker: Tyler Springer
Square Footage: 26,377

RENU Medical was in search of a new modern facility. The company, a locally owned business still in its first-generation space, was looking for an upgrade to its real estate as well as additional area to grow operations. The challenge was to identify suitable facilities in a market with few options. It was important to our client that they understood the market prior to making a decision. Also, the requirement had a few unique components. Tyler Springer provided deep understanding of availability to the client in order for them to form an accurate picture of the market place. Properties were selected which had a high likelihood of accommodating the business so that time was not wasted. Tyler toured the spaces with they key decision makers from RENU Medical and offered guidance on achievable terms for the properties. Ultimately a final space was selected. However, there were still challenges in bridging the gap between building ownership expectations and the tenant’s value of the space based on its use. Negotiating favorable terms of the transaction required a detailed understanding of the marketplace. The key decision makers for RENU Medical were ultimately able to make an informed decision. The final space selected was ideal for its operations and a contract based on good terms was negotiated. 
Key Components
Negotiated Lease terms

My company reached the point we needed to expand operations and acquire a new, larger facility. Tyler had been contacting me consistently for several years offering his professional assistance.  When our previous broker was unable to deliver viable options, I reconnected with Tyler Springer of SRE and he delivered.  Tyler demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the commercial real estate market providing options and confidence in making our ultimate selection.  He is a great communicator and kept us updated throughout the negotiations.  Tyler’s relentless effort and great communication resulted in favorable lease terms that our company will benefit from for years to come.  I would recommend Tyler and the SRE team without reservation.

Randy Long

ReNu Medical