Himalayan Corporation

Gateway Building C in Arlington, WA 
Broker: Tyler Springer
Sign Date: 10/26/2020
Square Footage: 117,000

Himalayan Corporation manufactures a unique dog treat called Himalaya Chew. This business had grown in the Pacific Northwest to the point it was operating in several different buildings.  SRE represented Himalayan Corporation in search for a facility that could combine operations under one roof. The new location in Arlington will allow this company to continue its growth path.

Key Components
-Pre-Construction Negotiation
-Industrial Property 
-2021 Occupancy 

Tyler has been helping us since 2011. Whether we needed to lease, purchase or sell the properties he is consistent in his practice of superior service. He is a good listener who knows the field he is in to the fullest and hence has been able to deliver us the exact needs in timely manner. I will always ask for [SRE's] Tyler's help for anything to do with commercial real estate for our business or investments.

Suman Shrestha

Himalayan Holding Group